Cars 30-58


We're looking east as car 32 leads a two car train as it pulls into the Glen Ellyn station on a westbound trip. At this point in time, the "big" station is brand new.

Photo by Chapek, from the Krambles-Peterson Archive


Car 30 sits in Wheaton Yard alongside an unidentified wood car in the brilliant red paint scheme circa 1952. Note the red flag on the 30 which signifies that this car just has been (or is about to be) at the tail end of a train.

Photo by JR Williams, from the Krambles-Peterson Archive


A two car train makes an easbound run as it nears a station on the Garfield Park “L” circa 1952. Car 36 brings up the rear. Operation over the “L” won't last much longer as evidenced by the demolition of buildings around the “L” structure to make way for the construction of the Congress Street Superhighway.

Photo by WC Janssen, from the Krambles-Peterson Archive


What appears to be car 38 is seen running as part of a three car train near Laramie circa 1953.

Photo by GM Andersen, from the Krambles-Peterson Archive


On August 20, 1947, car 48 still displays an early attempt by the Chicago Aurora & Elgin at modernizing the appearance of its older wooden cars. The stained glass windows the wooden cars were delivered with (which are now dated and long out of style) have been covered over, but the wooden arches which outlined them are still visible.

Photo by Don Ross