Cars 10-28


Cars 26, 12 and another wood sit in Wheaton Yard on March 1, 1947. Note the jumper hanging from above the door on the 26.

Photo by TH Desnoyers, from the Krambles-Peterson Archive


The year is somewhere around 1952 as we find car 20 leading a four car train at an as-of-yet unknown location on the main line. The paint on the 20 is looking rather dusty at this point. It will eventually be repainted into the brilliant red scheme that it will wear until the end of service.

Photo by RV Mehlenbeck, from the Krambles-Peterson Archive


Car 26 leads a four car train at Villa Park during a westbound run on July 10, 1952. Unlike the three cars following it, car 26 has yet to be repainted and is still in the Washington blue scheme.

Photo by George Krambles, from the Krambles-Peterson Archive


Car 20 is part of a four car train on the loop at Forest Park on March 13, 1957. In a matter of a few short months this scene will have stopped forever.

Photo by TH Desnoyers, from the Krambles-Peterson Archive


Resplendent in its premodernization form, car 14 wears the CA&E’s Sunset Lines logo and shows off its stained glass windows. These will be covered over in December 1939 in an effort to make the older equipment appear more modern.

Photo from the collection of Don Ross


Snow has fallen on Wheaton Yard and on car 16 which has a bit of accumulation on the roof. The car is painted in the red and blue-gray livery the railroad used in its final years and is one of only a handful from the original series to continue in operation until the very end.

Photo from the collection of Don Ross


One of the railroad’s original six cars, 20 is still in service and sports the Washington blue livery on July 3, 1949. The red, white, and blue colors of this scheme will go well with the upcoming Independence Day festivities.

Photo from the collection of Don Ross


The baggage compartment on car 10, seen here in Wheaton yard in 1938, is not original. It was added circa 1910 and later removed. It was then reinstalled in 1933 and remained until the car was wrecked and scrapped in 1948.

Photo from the collection of Don Ross


12 is sotred in Wheaton yard priot to its modernization. The train classification sign, reading “LIMITED,” was added to help passengers distinguish trains. Closely scheduled arrivals had the potential for easy confusion and passengers could end up boarding the wrong train. These signs were eventually removed.

Photo from the collection of Don Ross