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Maywood station at 5th Avenue doubled as an electrical substation, seen here looking west from 5th Avenue in the early 1900s. The structure in the background behind the station is a portable stubstation. In later years, high level platforms would be added here to accomodate “L” trains.

Electric Railway Journal

5th Ave. - Maywood

5th Avenue near Quincy Street, Village of Maywood


Full station/substation profile and history coming soon.


5th Ave., Maywood, looking west on April 1, 2010. The substation/depot was located roughly where the truck trailers are parked in this image. There is nothing left to signify that there was once an interurban/rapid transit station at this location.

Photo by Don Bosan-Bruno

Station Timetables


Feb. 25, 1952

Additional Photos


A westbound three car train led by a Pullman approaches 5th Avenue/Maywood as seen looking east from the eastbound platform, circa 1952. The edges of the platforms were designed to be flipped up to permit the passage of freight cars which were wider than the passenger cars.

Photo by RV Mehlenbeck, from the Krambles-Peterson Archive


A Chicago Rapid Transit-era blue and white porcelain enamel sign from 5th Avenue is on display at the Fox River Trolley Museum seen here on May 9, 2010. The sign is affixed to a high level platform equipped with a flap that folds up to permit wider cars to pass, just like stations with high level platforms on the CA&E.

Photo by Don Bosan-Bruno