This section covers the many stations that the Chicago Aurora & Elgin served throughout its years of existence. All stations are listed here in geographical order traveling west from the Loop under the subheading of the branch on which they were located. Those stations listed in small, brown text were rapid transit stations either on the Garfield Park “L” or on lines that the CA&E owned but but were not served by the CA&E. (Information and photos of these stations are provided through Stations with asterisks (*) were built as part of the franchise agreement through Cicero Township but were eventually bypassed by the Aurora & Elgin and served solely by the Rapid Transit. Stations listed in red have photos but incomplete histories.

Note: Stations are listed by their final names

Met “L” Main line & Garfield Park branch | Main line | Aurora branch | Elgin branch
Batavia branch | Geneva branch | Mt. Carmel branch | Westchester branch

Metropolitan “L” Main Line & Garfield Park Branch

Main Line

Aurora Branch

Batavia Branch

Geneva Branch

Elgin Branch

Mt. Carmel (Cook County) Branch

Westchester Branch

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