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Radant Road

Location Radant Rd. near Norcross Dr.,
Batavia, IL 60510
EstablishedSeptember/October 1902
Original LineAurora, Elgin & Chicago Ry
Previous NamesN/A
Platforms1, low level
Flag stop


Radant Road was a stop on the Batavia branch of the Aurora, Elgin & Chicago in rural Batavia Township at the crossing of Radant Road.1 The stop was approximately ½ mile from Hart Road and ¼ mile from Wagner Road, the next stops west and east respectively.

Radant Road opened in late September or early October of 1902 when the Batavia branch was placed in service. No known images of the stop exist, however surviving photographs from the era indicate that small stops of the same type as Radant Road were built to a uniform design. The ones built on single tracked sections of the railroad consisted of a short, solitary platform set back slightly from the crossing of a dirt road. These were of wood construction, with the surface boards arranged perpendicularly to the direction of the rails. Passengers heading in both directions boarded and alighted from the one platform.

The service life of Radant Road proved to be relatively short lived. It was one of a handful of early station closures, with abandonment occurring before 1920.


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