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The platform of the Batavia Terminal seen looking north on July 4, 1956.

Photo by GM Andersen, from the Krambles-Peterson Archive


Wilson Avenue and the Fox River, City of Batavia


Full station profile and history coming soon.

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Left: The storefront terminal is still in use as a commercial establishment, as seen on May 9, 2010.

Right: The view looking north on the same day from track-level toward the former location of the platform. The stairs leading down from Wilson Street to the bicycle path occupy the same location as the stairs that led to the station’s platform.

Both photos by Don Bosan-Bruno

Station Timetables


Nov. 6, 1942


Oct. 29, 1950


Feb. 25, 1952

Additional Photos


Car 416 sits at Batavia during 1954. Given the number of people on the right-of-way, this was probably part of a railfan excursion.

Ed O'Meara, C Scholes


The Batavia terminal was located in the first storefront building east of the Fox River on the south side of Wilson Street. The platform was beneath and alongside this building on the banks of the river. A covered walkway from the Wilson Street bridge directly to the station platform was eventually added.

The view in this postcard looks east on Wilson Street circa 1908, prior to the addition of the walkway or the paving of Wilson. The Batavia terminal is at right.

Postcard from the collection of Don Bosan-Bruno