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Car 460 gets a brief taste of life again as it leads a four-car excursion special at Weisbrook Road months after the railroad has ended passenger service. At this time, it’s still hoped (if the railroad doesn’t resume service) that car 460 and the other nine 450 series cars—the newest cars on the railroad—will be sold to a transit operator and continue operating.

Photo by Robert Heinlein

Weisbrook Road

South Weisbrook Road and Durfee Road, City of Wheaton


Full station profile and history coming soon.

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Car 460, the last standard interurban car to be built in the United States, is at Weisbrook Road on the Aurora branch. The white flags denote this train as an “extra” and the “PRIVATE” reading on the rollsign accompanies this. The four-car train seen here is on a special excursion of the line.

Photo by Robert Heinlein