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Gary Road

LocationGary Road
Winfield Township, IL
EstablishedAugust 25, 1902
Original LineAurora, Elgin & Chicago Ry
Previous NamesN/A
Platforms1, low level
Flag stop
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Gary Road was a stop on the early Aurora, Elgin and Chicago Railway at the crossing of the no-longer-existent Gary Road. It was one of only a handful of stops that began serving passengers on August 25, 1902, opening day for the AE&C.1

The unidentified stop pictured on this postcard was typical of rural stops on the Aurora branch in the early years and gives a good indication of what Gary Road looked like.

Postcard from the collection of Don Bosan-Bruno

It was a local stop serving the small population of rural Winfield Townshp in DuPage County between Wheaton and the then-unincorporated community of Warrenville. Photographs from the era depicting rural AE&C stops show that they consisted of little more than short wooden platforms, inches tall, at the crossing of unimproved roads. Gary Road would have the same construction.

The stop would continue to appear on public maps until at least 1905, but (along with Poss Road) came to be one of the railroad’s earliest closures with abandonment occurring at some point before 1920.


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