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Car 46 after modernization
Collection of T. S. Martorano
Numbers:30-58 even
Weight:56,000 lbs.2
Trucks:M. C. B.2
Motors:2-GE66B (30-38, 42 & 44, 48-58)1
None (40)1
4-GE66B (46)1
Control:GE C61
Couplers:Van Dorn


Cars 30-58 were the second shipment of interurban passenger cars ordered by and built for the Aurora Elgin & Chicago Railway. Originally, these fifteen cars were part of one order for twenty five cars placed with the Niles Car and Manufacutring Company. Niles, however, was unable to complete the order and so construction of the remaining cars fell to the John Stephenson Company of New York City. As they were intended to built as one group, these cars were identical to the previous set and were also only given even numbers.

In 1911, car 58 was destroyed in a heater fire at Laramie. 42 was wrecked at Bellwood in 1922. Car 40 was retired in 1930 and 32 was rebuilt into a flatcar in 1936. 44, 48, 50, and 52 were all retired in 1955.

Cars 30, 24, 36, 38, 46, 54, 56 remained in service until July 3, 1957, when the Chicago Aurora & Elgin Railway suddenly ended passenger service.

The remaining cars of the series sat dormant in Wheaton yard, until 1961 when the line was sold to Comercial Metals and scrapping operations began. Gerald E. Brookins purchased car 36 (and a few other cars from several different series) for what would become the Trolleyville, USA museum. In 2005, Trolleyville, USA moved to Cleveland, Ohio. 36 was then equipped with a pantograph for operation on the Cleveland RTA’s Green Line. Ultimately the transformation into the Lake Shore Electric Railway Museum failed and the collection was sold off. 36 was acquired by the Illinois Railway Museum in 2009.

Full history coming soon.

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