100 series

Numbers:101-109 odd
Weight:54,600 lbs.
Trucks:Peckham 46 (101)
McGuire 70A (103)
Baldwin (105-109)
Couplers:Van Dorn


The 100-series was a set of five non-motored cars built by the John Stephenson Company in 1902. They were numbered 101 through 109, and to signify their non-motored status were only given odd numbers. Since the cars did not have motors they were not equipped with trolley poles for overhead current collection, but in all other respects the physical characteristics of these cars were identical to their immediate predecessors and the original cars.


Funeral car 109 at the Fifth Avenue Terminal.

Electric Railway Review

In 1906, the Aurora Elgin & Chicago Railroad joined with the Metropolitan West Side Elevated to provide a joint funeral service to Chicago's west side and to the closer in western suburbs. At this time 109 was rebuilt for funeral service. It received a wide baggage door to accept caskets, a somber black livery, and new copulers that made it compatible with Metropolitan “L” cars (but incompatible with the rest of the AE&C fleet).

107 was wrecked circa 1914 and rebuilt into an express trailer.

In 1923 the Joint Funeral Bureau with the Metropolitan "L" was disolved, leaving 109 superfluous. It was removed from service and converted to a flatcar in 1937.


Charred remains of 103

Don Ross collection

Car 103 was retired in 1951 as a result of a fire. 101 and 105, the last two cars of the series, were retired in 1955.

Full history coming soon.

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