What appears below is a listing of future chapter titles. Beneath each chapter title is a rough sketch of that chapter's content.


Chapter I: The Beginning (1899-1902)

Chapter II: Up and Running (1902-1906)

Chapter III: The Third Rail Division (1906-1915)

IV: Hard Times (1915-1922)

V: The Conway Era (1922-1926)

VI: Insull’s Railroad (1926-1932)

VII: The Depression (1932-1941)

VIII: World War II (1941-1945)

IX: The Postwar Years (1945-1953)

X: Last Stop: Forest Park (1953-1957)

XI: Only Freight Trains Run Here (1957-1959)

XII: The Languishing Days (1959-1961)

XIII: Scrapped (1961-1963)

XIV: The Rails are Gone but the Path Remains